New Film “Shadows of Sofia” Exposes Russian Backed Manipulation

Director Kevin Booth’s newly released “Shadows of Sofia” chronicles the Bulgarian mafia put in place by the retreating KGB at the fall of communism. While the former Soviet satellite of Bulgaria is now a member of NATO…

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American filmmaker becomes the target of the same media manipulation exposed in his film

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Director Kevin Booth’s newly released “Shadows of Sofia” chronicles the Bulgarian mafia put in place by the retreating KGB at the fall of communism. While the former Soviet satellite of Bulgaria is now a member of NATO and the European Union, it maintains close ties with Russia, its main energy supplier and traditional partner.

The film follows the story of a young Bulgarian oligarch named Dylane Peevski who controls 80% of the countries media. The director befriends the oligarch’s former banking partner Tsvetan Vasilev who was forced to flee Bulgaria because of relentless accusations in the media of him looting the countries economy.

Released by Gravitas ventures “Shadows of Sofia” is currently available on Amazon, Vudu, Spectrum Cable, ITunes, and Microsoft. However, it’s no accident the American made film has been blocked from streaming in the tiny country of Bulgaria.

The film has caused controversy in Bulgaria, where it has been criticized by the same news agencies using the methods portrayed in the film. The almost daily insults being published through the state media range from accusing the filmmaker of getting the facts wrong to personally insulting him on his appearance and mannerisms to being the worst filmmaker in the history of Hollywood. Ironically all the negative attention is only fueling the films popularity on various platforms that the state is unable to block.

The film’s two-year investigation ends with the discovery of an American company based in Dallas TX being bankrupted by the films protagonists. The film concludes with the triggering of the U.S. RICO Act that allows the victims to seek justice to a normally untouchable criminal enterprise. The case covered in the film is taking place in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan and the complaint alleges that Peevski working with the Russian KTB bank – emptied 65 million dollars from a Bulgarian bank account belonging to the Texas company deposited from a real estate investment in Bulgaria.

With the onset of Russian paranoia “Shadows of Sofia” is quickly gaining popularity as it uniquely connects the dots of a single mafia organization to the Russian state bank.

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